Repairs and Renovations - Click photos for slideshows

Commercial Shelving Install with Custom Bracing

commercial shelving install with custom bracing (1) 1

Tub Deck Build with Tile

tub deck build with tile 1

Porcelain Plank Bathroom (wood look)

porcelain plank bathroom (6) 1

Marble Tile Foyer with Subfloor Repair

marble tile foyer with subfloor repair (8) 1

Deck Repair


Living Room and Hall Tavertine Tile

living room and hall tavertine tile (5) 1

Kitchen Tile with Slab Repair and Cabinet Reinstallation

kitchen tile with slab repair and cabinet reinstallation 1

Glass Tile Backsplash

glass tile backsplash (2) 1

Gazebo Build

gazebo build (4) 1

Fireplace Wall Tile and Pebble Hearth

fireplace wall tile and pebble hearth (20) 1

Custom Office Door With Sidelight

custom office door with sidelight (7) 1

Custom Mantle

custom mantle 1

Custom Closet Shoe Rack

custom closet shoe rack 1

Custom Closet Shelving - Before Paint

custom closet shelving 1 - before paint (1) 1

Bathroom Re-Tile


Complete Bathroom Remodel

complete bathroom remodel (10) 1

Deck, Stairs, and Siding Repair

deck, stairs, and siding repair (4) 1

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